Contessa Metcalfe

Contessa Metcalfe is the newest addition to the ladies of Married to Medicine. Born and raised in Kansas City, MI Contessa grew up being involved in every activity imaginable from debutante to cheerleader to even being crowned as her high school homecoming queen. Dr. Contessa attended Xavier University where she earned her undergraduate degree and for medical school she attended St. Louis University. While in St. Louis, Contessa knew she had a calling beyond medicine along with an inner desire to do more and she decided to join the Navy as a flight surgeon. While in the Navy she also learned to how to fly planes. Dr. Contessa’s adventurous personality allowed her to travel the world and while on the road she fell in love and decided to settle down with her husband, Scott.  Contessa now focuses on occupational and preventive medicine in addition to owning a medical concierge service called Acute Face MD where she provides VIP services for her patients. When Dr. Metcalfe is not on the clock she enjoys riding motorcycles, traveling, and spending quality time with her family. She and her husband, Scott have three kids and she considers them her heart, soul, and by far her greatest accomplishment.


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