Toya Bush-Harris

Toya Bush-Harris was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Toya is a wife and mother with a purpose and a plan!  She embodies the true essence of what Chaka Khan referred to as "Every Woman." She is a true friend, a supportive wife, and a dynamic woman known for her inspiring and honest depictions of motherhood. Surrounded by love, she is married to Dr. Eugene Harris III and has two amazing sons, Ashton and Avery. Toya continues to go beyond the typical role of a housewife.  She has found the perfect balance between being a wife, mother, friend, and socialite.  Once an educator within the public school system, Toya is currently publishing her first children’s book, SleepyHead Please Go To Bed! Toya believes one of the best gifts she can give is a colorful, inspirational book for young readers and parents to enjoy. Toya’s candid and charismatic personality has gained her unexpected success on social media with her #MommyChronicles. Her brutally honest and down-home realism has become a viral hit as it calls to what it truly means to be a mother in this ever-changing society.


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